1. M

    No liner masonry fireplace with freestanding wood stove

    Hello, I have review so many threads and could not find an answer to my question. I am attempting to install a freestanding wood stove (VC Aspen) into masonry fireplace. However when I went to install the liner I could not get it by the smoke chamber it would not go. The smoke chamber is...
  2. P

    For Sale RockFlex 316L/Ti 35’ 6” Stainless insulated liner

    This doesn’t fit my chimney flue, and is in 2 pieces, one 25’, the other 10’. No damage or use. Total diameter with insulation and outer sleeve is about 7.25”. Comes with chimney cap, pulling cone, collar. Local pickup in Pittsburgh area only.
  3. B

    I need help with insert installation and liner sizing

    I got a great deal on a wood burning insert for my fireplace. Now I understand I need to install a liner to my existing fireplace but the outlet on the insert is oval and I’m struggling to find an adapter and wondering what size liner I need. I have no idea what make or model this insert is...
  4. P

    Help! Can’t get liner down.

    So I’ve really messed up. I have a 30’ chimney with 8x12 flue tiles, and desperately want a wood stove in my fireplace. The chimney has never burned wood (old gas heater was used), and the tiles are in perfect shape. Trouble is, there’s an offset and I absolutely can’t get a 6” liner down. Now...
  5. K

    Do I need to additional insulation to PelletVent Pro rigid liner?

    Hi, Update 9/6/19 : I called Duravent; their associate told me that PelletVent Pro does not need additional insulation. He also mentioned that liner extending 1, or 2 feet above the masonry chimney should not impair the function of the liner. Original post: A first-time installer. The house...
  6. N

    Moving a stove and installing a flue liner

    I moved last year to a house in southern Vermont. The house came with a woodstove with a suboptimal installation. The stove itself (a old Vermont Castings Resolute III) is in good shape, but the exhaust goes through a wall as Class A pipe, makes a right angle bend, and then enters the outside...
  7. K

    Switch from Non-EPA Wood Insert to EPA Lopi Insert Worth It?

    I'm renting a single-story ranch home with a 1983 wood insert which slammer install (no chimney liner). It is a non-EPA stove. I may purchase a 2000 Lopi Freedom Bay insert for $100, and it has a blower. It appears in good condition. I plan to buy some second-hand chimney liner and line the...
  8. S

    Need advise on installing liner w/ or w/o insulation

    I've been a long time lurker of this website and I've read countless hours on the type of install to have but I am just tired and on a dead-end on what I should do. Here's some info on my situation: Raised ranch / split level Live in Connecticut. Last year temperatures went down as low as -11...
  9. KPru

    Chimney top rebuild, Liner/Insert install, Data logging

    I recently completed rebuilding the top of my chimney, adding a liner and installing a wood insert. I wanted to share here for several reasons: I'm pretty proud of about 95% of the project and wanted to document it As an amateur DIY'er, this took a lot of research/learning (much here), and...
  10. S

    Fast and Easy Connection System/Screws for Securing Liner

    I am going to purchase my liner setup from Woodland Direct most likely. They have the "fast and easy connection system", which looks almost like a hose clamp. How do these perform? Also, I still need to secure the tee to the stove and the cap on the bottom of the tee. What size fasteners do most...
  11. B

    Baker insert liner

    i purchased a home with a two door Baker insert on the first floor without a chimney liner. I was advised that a liner was needed and the company I had come out wants almost 3000 to just install liner. I spoke to another company and they want 4300 for a new quadrafire stove installed. I hear...
  12. F

    Pre-Insulated vs. Non-insulated Price Differences

    Hello Everyone, Just ordered a Blaze King Ashford 25 Insert to install into our pre-existing masonry chimney. It's an exterior chimney, probably about 20' tall or maybe a little less from the top of the firebox, and located in the greater Boston area. The cold down draft coming in from the...
  13. E

    Cost of Liner Installation?

    Hey y’all I posted here last week about HOW to install a liner into my narrow chimney flue. I ended up deciding that hiring a professional would be best... yesterday the guy cams out and measured everything and gave me this quote for 26’ of chimney: 1- Homesaver 7” 304 SS liner (oval flex) 1-...
  14. J

    Stoves Specifically Approved for 5.5" Flue

    Hi All! Unless we want to tear out a clay liner, we have to use a 5.5" flex flue liner. I've been browsing around lots, and found many helpful articles about folks that have successfully used 5.5" liners with 6" collars (especially if the internal vent measurements are already 5.5" anyways)...
  15. W

    6" stove pipe to 8" liner - is this permitted / will it work okay?

    Need some advice – going to be replacing my majestic pre-fab with an Englander 30-nch. The majestic prefab is connected to an 8” double wall straight vertical liner. It was inspected last year and is in great shape. The Englander is a 6”outlet. I’m planning on running 6” double wall pipe to...
  16. J

    chimney size help

    hi, we are looking at purchasing the drolet classic wood stove and it says we need a 6" chimney. we just had out old masonry chimney relined with a 5.5" as thats all that would fit. we have a 6" thimble through the wall. will that setup work for the stove?
  17. Quakerfan

    Need suggestions for chimney liner

    Started breaking out the fireplace to install woodstove 8" rear flue. I have a good 12" space now, and I can almost stand up inside. Measured 7x9 clay tile, exterior chimney, bends slightly, extends well beyond the roofline, cap is hard to reach using 35ft ladder. I planned for insulated...
  18. T

    Large Locally made stove, help with liner

    I've been doing a LOT of reading on this site, but can't find a suitable answer for my situation. I have a large stove, inside firebox is 26" wide, 24" deep, 22" tall. Which comes out to about 7.9 cu ft.... It is a "slammer" and the chimney sweep was concerned about a flue fire. I want to put...
  19. J

    Newcomer with a slammer

    I'm sure this has all been rehashed in places I haven't found here yet -- but just looking for some feedback. Background: Bought a home this spring with a wood burning insert into a masonry fireplace. Didn't know jack about fireplaces. Just went to have my chimney swept last week and the tech...
  20. S

    chimney liner question

    Hello long time lurker first time poster. I am brand new to wood burning and have yet to burn a log. I picked up a naploen 1402 insert and and am unsure what type of pipe I need to install it into my fireplace. My chimney is ceramic lined and is wide enough to accommodate a 6 inch pipe. My...
  21. G

    Install Questions

    Hi all, I ordered a Vermont Castings Merrimack and double checked all dimensions and clearances before purchasing. I'm having a handyman who has done quite a bit of quality work on our home do the install. I just want to make sure I know enough about the install myself to make sure he is...
  22. R

    help with breaking out clay liner!

    i have to break out my clay liner to fit a 6 inch ss liner down a 16 foot chimney that is free standing about 9 feet above the roof line was wondering if i can break out the tile from the bottom instead of renting a lift and breaking them from the top any recommendations would help me out thank...
  23. N

    Pellet Stove Liner

    Hi this is my first post, hoping all goes well. I Have an older Harman pellet stove *Model P61* WHI - 005412. I need a new liner. I currently have a 3" 25' stainless steel liner. I have a T-body running from the stove. I wanted to know if using a 3" liner is considered big enough for my stove...
  24. 19glendale

    How to clean an ovalized liner?

    What are the best tools and techniques to clean an ovalized liner? I have a self-ovalized 23 foot Olympia easy flex liner. I would prefer to use a brush with polymer bristles. Do I just get a standard brush and hope for the best? I don't have to worry about this until next year, but just want to...
  25. 19glendale

    Century S244 install in fireplace

    It was a lot of planning and work...Liner 2 by 19glendale posted Oct 28, 2016 at 8:14 PMLiner 1 by 19glendale posted Oct 28, 2016 at 8:14 PM5 by 19glendale posted Oct 28, 2016 at 9:58 PM6 by 19glendale posted Oct 28, 2016 at 9:58 PM7 by 19glendale posted Oct 28, 2016 at 9:58 PM8 by 19glendale...
  26. VirginiaIron

    Olympia Heavy Flex Liner Connection

    Greetings on this beautiful day. I need help, please. I believe that my liner is called ArmorFlex ( I cut my liner with a metal cutting wheel and it appears my "T" will...
  27. H

    Broken chimney flex liner advice

    So long story short I just bought a home with a wood furnace in the basement. Due to a lazy home inspector I was unaware that the clay liner in the chimney is cracked and broken until I started to clean and inspect myself. So I now need to install a stainless steel flex liner. My chimney is...
  28. D

    Connecting 45° Elbow To Flexible Chimney Liner Combatibility - Kinda Urgent

    I have a fairly ugent request. I'm trying to install a wood burning insert into my existing masonry fireplace and realized the insert is not deep enough to connect the 6" Liner to the opening on the insert. The hole on the insert (Century CW2900) sits about 9"-10" back from the front of the...
  29. C

    Damaged 7x7 terracotta liner dilemma

    Greetings, Let me start by describing my chimney. The chimney has 3 flues. One used by the gas furnace (in the basement) one used by a gas fireplace (on the first floor) and the last is unused. I was hoping to use this last flue for a wood stove in the basement. I got a good deal on a stove...
  30. D

    Insulate liner inside metalbestos?

    I am going to install a 4" liner inside an existing 7" Selkirk metalbestos double wall chimney previously used to vent an oil furnace & water heater. Length is about 17 feet straight up from basement through roof of a bungalow. Thoughts on whether I need to insulate the liner?