Difference between older Jotul GF600 DV II vs new Jotul GF 500 DV IPI?


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Sep 18, 2019
Norwich, Vermont
I have the opportunity to spend $3,500 on a new 40,000 Btu Jotul or a slightly used model for $1,750, also rated for 40,000 Btus.

Since I'm not sure what the actual difference is between the GF600 DV II and the GF 500 DV IPI, I don't know whether the newer model is worth the extra cost.

Can someone help me?

I was told the newer 500 model will still run if the power goes out. Will the older 600 do the same?

And do you really NEED a blower kit? I'd prefer to avoid the fan and the unsightly power cord.



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The GF600 will work without power if it's a standing pilot model.
The GF500 IPI will have a battery back-up in case of an outage.
I'd take the GF600 in a heartbeat...