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EPA Approved

Sweepy Zero clearance wood fireplaces are designed to be installed where no fireplace currently exists. Backed up to a combustible wall or inserted into an opening cut into the wall and then framed in with standard wood framing, zero clearance wood fireplaces are an ideal way to add a fireplace to your construction or remodel plans without the expense & hassle of a masonry fireplace structure.

Most zero clearance wood fireplaces are extremely inefficient, sending 90% of the heat from the fire (and 40 - 60 grams/hr of unburned particulates) up the chimney. The Pacific FP30 is different. The FP30 is a high-efficiency, EPA approved woodstove encased in a zero clearance cabinet so it can be built into the wall like any fireplace!


Pacific Energy FP30 Standard Features:

  • Airtight Construction for maximum efficiency
  • Pacific Energy's patented Extended Burn Technology
  • Dual 80 cfm Thermostatically controlled blowers
  • Large, Single Door maximizes fire view
  • Airwash design for stay-clear fire viewing
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • EPA Approved at just 2.47 grams/hr
  • Trouble free non catalytic design
  • Boost Air setting for easy startup
  • Zero Clearance - installs in wood-frame wall
Pacific Energy Build In Wood Fireplace Cutaway View


Specifications: Pacific Energy FP30 Wood Fireplace

*UL Listed *EPA Approved *Manufactured Housing Approved

Heating Efficiency:
Particulate Emissions:
Maximum Output:
Heating Capacity:
Firebox Size:
Hardwood Capacity:
Maximum Log Length:
Front Panel Dimensions:
Shipping Weight:

2.47 grams/hr
99,000 BTU/hr
1600 - 3000 sq. ft.
3 cu. ft.
60 lbs.
25-1/4"T x 30-3/4"W
695 lbs.

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Three Remote Heated Air Delivery Options for the Pacific Energy FP30 Wood Fireplace  
The firebox of the Pacific FP30 Wood Fireplace is enclosed within an outer air plenum. Room air is drawn into the plenum at the bottom, where it heats up, rises, and flows into the room at the top, drawing replacement air in at the bottom to be heated in turn. The standard dual 80 cfm thermostatic blowers increase the airflow to maximize heat delivery. In addition, up to two powered Remote Heat Transfer Kits can be added to deliver heated air up to 20 feet away.  
No Heat Transfer Kit  One Heat Transfer Kit  Two Heat Transfer Kits 
No Remote Heat Transfer Kit
The FP30 draws in cool air through its lower louvers and delivers the heated air to the room through its upper louvers.  
Powered Remote Heat Transfer Kit
Kit delivers heated air to same room or remote room up to 20 feet away, via 6" insulated flexible ducting. 
Dual Powered Heat Transfer Kits
Additional kit delivers heated air to same room or upper or lower story rooms up to 20' away, via 6" insulated flexible ducting. 


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Pacific Energy FP30 High-Efficiency Fireplace with Contemporary Door
FP30 Contemporary Wood Fireplace

Pacific Energy FP30 Options:

Dual 80 cfm Thermostatic Blowers... Included
Outside Air Adapter ..........................

Anchor Plate Adapter for Duratech, Excel Chimney... $50

Craftsman Surround for Arched Model ..................... $520

Remote Heat Transfer Kit (ea) ................................... $480
( includes remote blower, requires flex duct )

6" Flex Air Duct, 5' Length .......................................... $70
( maximum 20' per kit )

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Shipping Zone Map
Approximate Terminal
Delivery Charges -
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for an exact quote

$160 - $360
$380 - $465
$470 - $585
$580 - $660

Pacific Energy FP30 High-Efficiency Fireplace with Arched Door
FP30-AR Traditional Arch Fireplace


Chimney Height Rules Diagram

The Pacific Energy FP30 must be installed using at least 15' of 6" ASHT chimney. Here's how to figure out how many feet of chimney your installation will require:

The chimney must extend from the fireplace to a point at least 3' above the roof, and also 2' above any part of the roof within 10'. Example: If the roof peaks at 16' above the floor, and the peak is within 10' of the chimney location, the chimney will need to rise to a point 18' above the floor. We subtract the 45" height of the fireplace and determine that the minimum 15' chimney kit will work.

The FP30 is approved for installation with the following brands of manufactured chimney,
 available at hearth product shops, hardware stores and home improvement centers everywhere:

Security Chimney ASHT
Selkirk Metalbestos Ultra-Temp
DuraVent Duratech Class A
ICC Excel

Here are the basic chimney parts you'll need:

Cathedral Chimney Diagram  

Cathedral Ceiling
Chimney Kit:
1 - Rain Cap
2 - Storm Collar
3 - Roof Flashing
4 - Oval Firestop
5 - Chimney Lengths
6 - Anchor Plate

*Anchor Plate Adapter

*Roof Brace

Attic Chimney Diagram

Attic Penetration
Chimney Kit:
1 - Rain Cap
2 - Storm Collar
3 - Roof Flashing
4 - Insulation Shield
5 - Square Firestop
6 - Chimney Lengths
7 - Anchor Plate

*Anchor Plate Adapter

*Roof Brace

* Note 1:  If you opt for ICC Excel or Simpson Duratech chimney, you must order an anchor plate adapter with your fireplace.

* Note 2: on steeper pitched roofs, more chimney will be needed above the penetration point. If the chimney extends more than 5' above its point of contact with the roof, it must be secured using a roof brace.

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