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The Bristol DX 8763 Direct Vent Gas Stove

Sweepy The thing our customers most often mention they like most about their stoves is the cheerful view of the fire. When the flames light up and the room begins to glow, a feeling of warmth and well-being just seems to emanate from the flickering flames.

The new Bristol DX takes this magical effect to the ultimate level, offering a mirror backwall and viewing windows on three sides!

The Bristol DX features ProFlame ignition: the safety pilot can be left on throughout the burning season as always, or turned off and set to automatically relight itself as needed, resulting in considerable fuel savings. And you needn't give up the peace of mind a safety pilot brings: an electronic igniter with battery backup automatically lights the safety pilot every time you call for heat.

Like all our gas stoves, the Bristol is a Direct Vent stove, which means it draws combustion air from outside the home and needs no chimney through the roof. Click to read about various direct vent techniques.


Standard Features:
Hearthstone Bristol DX direct vent gas stove

  • Panoramic 3-sided fire view
  • Mirror backwall multiplies flame view
  • ProFlame ignition
  • Lifetime Warranty cast iron construction
  • Thermostatic Remote Control
  • Variable Speed Blower
  • Three Optional Finishes - Click to View
Hearthstone Bristol DX Gas Stove in Majolica Brown


Specifications: Hearthstone Bristol DX 8763 gas stove

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Gas Stove Comparison Chart

Heating Efficiency:
Fuel Input NG:
Heating Capacity:
Viewing Windows:
Shipping Weight:
Fuel: Natural Gas
17,900 - 26,400 BTU/hr
1400 sq. ft.
235 lbs.
Fuel: LP (Propane)
16,100 - 26,200 BTU/hr
1400 sq. ft.
371 sq. in.
235 lbs.
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Click photo below to view the BIG picture

Hearthstone Bristol DX Gas Stove, Matte Black
Bristol DX 8763
Matte Black

Bristol DX Options:
Matte Black Painted Finish .................... Std
Porcelain Enamel Finish ......................... $350
Hearthstone Finish Option, Matte Black Hearthstone Finish Option, Majolica Brown Porcelain Hearthstone Finish Option, Basil Porcelain
Click To View Finish Options
Multi-Function Thermostatic Remote ... Std
Variable Speed Automatic Blower ........ Std
ProFlame™ Ignition .............................. Std

Rear Wall Direct Vent Kit ..................... $415
Corner Direct Vent Kit .......................... $425
Shipping Zone Map
Approximate Terminal Delivery Charges -
Click Here to E-mail us for an exact quote

$145 - $250
$250 - $275
$265 - $305
$300 - $340

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