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When to Insulate a Forever Flex Stainless Liner Kit

Super Wrap Liner Insulation Kit Components

Sweepy Forever Flex Top Sealer Plates seal so tightly, they virtually prevent the flow of air up the flue around the outside of the liner. This creates "dead air insulation" around the liner, and in most installations in code-approved chimneys, no further insulation is needed. There are some instances, however, when additional insulation is recommended or even required.

A) Safety Code Requirements
The Code Spec for chimney liners is UL 1777. To maintain its listing to the UL 1777 Standard, additional insulation must be added to your Forever Flex Liner installation if any of these four things are true:
1) You are venting through an air-cooled metal chimney (the type used for manufactured zero-clearance fireplaces).
2) Your existing masonry chimney is unlined, partially lined, or has a liner with open cracks in it.
3) A 1" airspace has
not been maintained between the existing terra cotta or pumice liner and the outer masonry chimney structure.
4) A 2" airspace has not been maintained between the outer masonry chimney structure and surrounding combustibles.

Note: Airspace requirements  (3) and (4) are often impossible to verify.  If the existence of the required airspaces cannot be verified, you must insulate.

B) To Ensure Optimum Chimney Performance
There are times when additional insulation is a good idea even when it is not required by code, to ensure that flue temperatures will be warm enough to create adequate draft for optimum stove performance. You might consider insulating your liner if either of these two things are true:
1) There will be more than 4" airspace between the stainless liner and the existing masonry liner.
2) One or more of the chimney walls is exposed to outdoor temperatures for its entire length.

If you decide to insulate your liner, the best way to do it is with our Super Wrap insulation kit. Unlike typical ceramic blanket insulation, Super Wrap doesn't cause skin or lung irritation, and is not classified as carcinogenic. Super Wrap is foil-backed, only 1/2" thick, light weight and extremely easy to install.

Sweepy Click to learn about how to insulate your Forever Flex stainless chimney liner.


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