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    Ideal Steel owners...question..

    I installed my pipe with a clean out T on purpose for easy cleans
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    Ideal Steel owners...question..

    Pipe by sutphenj posted Jan 11, 2018 at 9:30 PM
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    Jotul F600

    Keep in mind the f55 is designed to be loaded north south so I'm not sure you will miss a side loader. Also the baffle is a one piece stainless unit and from the looks of it I cant ever see it really failing.
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    Blowers much help with wood stoves? (not inserts)

    This was a very big factor when I switched from a pellet stove.
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    Alderlea a dirt magnet? (checking out a sour review)

    I'm one year in on the f55 and while it's technically a jacketed stove the top cast is not jacketed. See the impact in the pic below. I'm going to have to run some paint on it and not really looking forward to that.
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    Pacific Energy Summit Classic vs. Jotul F55

    The bottom twist off quite easy and is a few feet off the ground....I imagine when I clean it it will be super simple.
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    Pacific Energy Summit Classic vs. Jotul F55

    Havent had to use it yet. Pipe by sutphenj posted Jan 11, 2018 at 9:30 PM
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    Smoke outlet hotter than stove, normal?

    Yes it is in direct connection to the firebox.
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    Backdrafting secondary system, chimney drafting normally

    I like how u have that sense in bending down to load her up.
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    Jotul F55 — Where does the heat go?

    Check two things. Open the door and see if the glass is square to the door frame so it is snug against the glass gasket. Mine was way out of whack with loose brackets and all. Also throw a dollar bill near the latch and shut the door and try to remove the dollar bill. If you can remove it...
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    Jotul F55 — Where does the heat go?

    I think I mentioned it already but check that glass gasket....I ran min like this (see pic) for quite awhile and struggled through the same problems you are having. (Came from jotul like this) Also the door gasket is vulnerable by the latch.
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    Check out this one i cleaned today

    6 cubic feet firebox....or bigger perhaps?
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    Too many choices! I need help!

    The f55 is not completely cast clad. Front is steel with cast door, sides are pretty much cast covered steel and the rear has steel plate that does a good job convecting. I think the PE is more of a full wrap. The top is full cast but not clad over steel (sits on a gasket).
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    Jotul F55 — Where does the heat go?

    My f55 will cruise at 400-500 with marginal wood but in the 600's with well seasoned wood from what I can tell.
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    Jotul F55 — Where does the heat go?

    Seems odd you cant get temps above 450. I can pretty easily get to 750 in my f55 without much trouble. Either the draft is too strong or the wood is not at 17%. Maybe try splitting a piece and taking a read from the center....
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    better sharpener?

    Agreed. Agreed....I used to drop them off as well for the same price but they would cut off way too much.
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    Jotul Rangeley overnite burn

    I gott try adding in some logs after the cook down as you mention....I always notice the space.
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    Jotul Rangeley overnite burn

    That's pretty good....what temp do you take it up to before shutting down?
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    Jotul Rangely smoking inside house

    Check the glass seal....the geniuses at Jotul didn't have the glass on my F55 square to the door seals.
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    pacific energy fp30 install

    Wow nice job. If you don't mind me asking how much do you have into the project? I have a room similar size and opted for a free stander mainly due to cost. Wanted to go your route but the quotes I was getting were near the 20k range. You did a excellent job....very nice.
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    Jotul Rangeley overnite burn

    What type of STT do you have at hour 8?
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    Any sub-$2000, small-medium, side loading stoves?

    Jotul f45 greenville is not side loading but allows for north south loading from the front.
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    Jotul Rangeley overnite burn

    I have an f55 (similar to rangley) and you wont have flames in the morning. 200-300 STT after 8 hours yes but no flames.
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    Creosote help?

    I have a f55 and it shoots out the fact pretty vigorously with good dry wood but the stove can be finicky in terms of shutting down too early....the stove reacts quickly to air adjustments. It take patience. What is your stove top temp when you shut the air down? This stove...
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    Jøtul F55 Questions

    Be green is right on the 30inches....just put a tape on mine as I was thinking it was a tad lower but must have been thinking center flue. Anyhow the T idea may work
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    Pacific Energy Summit Classic vs. Jotul F55

    I also have not had to remove the baffle on the f55. I've got a rear exit with a tee and to my surprise didn't have to clean the pipe after year one. With that T looks like it's going to be super simple when needed.....installed this way on purpose.
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    Doug fir bark in the nc30

    Thats not too bad really. Might have to give it a go with my maple bark and scraps. Been thinking of making and "uglies" bin from an IBC tote I have laying around.