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  1. DAKSY

    Propane Fireplace problems

    Not too familiar with this unit, but what did you do to "clean the pilot?"
  2. DAKSY

    P68 Cold Air Intake questions

    I had the same problem with the OAK on my P61. I kinked the hose.
  3. DAKSY

    stove opinions/advice?

    What pellet stove are you burning? BTUs are BTUs, so if the output of your pellet stove heats you adequately, you'll need the same output from a gas unit.
  4. DAKSY

    Difference between older Jotul GF600 DV II vs new Jotul GF 500 DV IPI?

    The GF600 will work without power if it's a standing pilot model. The GF500 IPI will have a battery back-up in case of an outage. I'd take the GF600 in a heartbeat...
  5. DAKSY

    Heartstone Phoenix 8610 Stone Question

    Lookie here: Little more research will be required for the EXACT function, But I'd guess to shield the cast iron framework.
  6. DAKSY

    Opinions on Regency Liberty LRI6E

    Haven't had any experience with this particular insert model, but in the past, every Regency Gas appliance that I sold, installed or serviced was a high quality, high heat product. They've been in business for decades (1979), so they must be doing something right.
  7. DAKSY

    Glass cleaning suggestions

    Try using a fine rubbing compound, autobody stuff.
  8. DAKSY

    Can’t find model info-gas fireplace stove
  9. DAKSY

    Can’t find model info-gas fireplace stove

    Pretty sure it's a Jotul. If you give the dimensions, I can confirm. If it is, it's a good little 26K BTU (input) stove.
  10. DAKSY

    Direct Vent Location

    All units have a specified distance from windows, doors, corners, etc. All are different. You need to refer to the manual for the particular unit you want to install.
  11. DAKSY

    Looking to ID a Regency stove

    Measure the stove & go to Compare it to the wood stove specs there. My guess would be either an F1100, F2400 or an F3100
  12. DAKSY

    Fixing my Valor in-valve spin Piezo

    Can't hurt (much!)
  13. DAKSY

    Fixing my Valor in-valve spin Piezo

    You have continuity, but to you have COMPLETE sheathing? That spark will go to the nearest ground & a break in the sheathing (dry rot) will let the spark go ground BEFORE it gets to the intended location.
  14. DAKSY

    Gasket Issue

    What brand of Pellet Vent are you using?
  15. DAKSY

    Hmm, 50 outside this morning.

    Yeah, should have closed the windows last night...Little chilly...
  16. DAKSY

    Freestanding gas stove conversion to electric?

    Interesting idea... It can PROBABLY be done. Don't know of anyone who has done it, tho. You don't say which model Regency stove you've got, but all the ones I've serviced were KICK-ASS heating units & have lasted for years. I think I'd sell it & buy a nice looking electric unit with the money...
  17. DAKSY

    Enviro Meridian - how to replace glass

    You're very welcome. That's why this forum exists!
  18. DAKSY

    SS Flue pipe inside masonry/cement block chimney

    See if you can find a copy online. Your answers will be there.
  19. DAKSY

    Accentra FI 52i Help Accessing Combustion blower
  20. DAKSY

    SS Flue pipe inside masonry/cement block chimney

    Did you choose your insert? What does the manual say?
  21. DAKSY

    Enviro Meridian - how to replace glass

    Check your local hearth shop or hardware store & ask for "Tape Gasket." There are different widths, so bring a piece of the old gasket with you.
  22. DAKSY

    Enviro Meridian - how to replace glass

    Use anti-seize compound on the threads when you install screws in woodstoves. You will be glad you did, no matter WHAT the screw material is.
  23. DAKSY

    Enviro Meridian - how to replace glass

    The door should lift off the short hinge pins on the left side. Lay it flat on a protected surface & spray all the glass retainer screws with penetrating oil, like PBlaster & let it soak in. Get yourself a hammer-type impact driver & carefully loosen the screws. If they're STILL tight, spray...
  24. DAKSY

    $10k for a Mendota FV44i Decor?!?!?!?

    Liner kit seems high, but I haven't been on the retail side in a while & I know aluminum jumped in price.
  25. DAKSY

    $10k for a Mendota FV44i Decor?!?!?!?

    How many hours is $2k? Should take about 4 - 5 hours with a two-man crew.
  26. DAKSY

    $10k for a Mendota FV44i Decor?!?!?!?

    Do you have a breakdown of the estimated Scope of Work? The biggest difference in installers is generally the overhead rate & the money they charge you for their crews...
  27. DAKSY

    Steel Air Tubes

    Time to retire that bad boy & invest in a cleaner burning unit.
  28. DAKSY

    Cleaning Lymestone? marble Stone rough face surround

    I'd try brushing it with a stiff-bristle brush (NOT STEEL) to see what loosens up & falls off. Then I'd try soaking a clean white rag in hydrogen pyroxide & holding the rag against the stone - DON'T rub - on a spot off too one side to see if that has an effect. Once that spot dries try the brush...
  29. DAKSY

    Harman p43 install

    11" is from the OUTSIDE Corner of the house to the center of the exhaust vent.