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    Why rake coals to front on reload?

    Everyone’s input is greatly appreciated - thanks so much for your detailed responses! Matt
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    Heatilator Constitution ACC operation

    I have the Northstar ZC unit which is identical to the constitution unit. The fans move a lot of air and are loud. Not sure how to move a lot of air without increasing decibels. As long as fans aren’t making a high pitched whining sound you should be good. Hope this helps, Matt NY
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    Why rake coals to front on reload?

    Can I ask why I see so many recommending raking / movings coals to the front of the stove when reloading? I’m sure there’s some sort of benefit but I’m not sure what it is. Is this recommendation specific to one type of stove versus others? I have the Northstar ZC fireplace and am trying to...
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    What New Wood Stove Technology Would You Like To See?

    Two practical suggestions which haven’t yet been mentioned for general stove improvements: (1) The rope gasket. The vast majority of stoves (mine included) continue to use a rope gasket to “try” to create an airtight firebox. It’s such an archaic mechanism that seems so inefficient - there has...
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    Firewood Storage Pictures

    Thanks Black Smoke - your wood on the right side looks dry, dry, dry! Nice work!
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    Firewood Storage Pictures

    I finally got my wood shed built over the summer (picture attached). I had been planning it out for three years and finally it’s a reality. It’s a nice view out our back window - especially knowing that we have wood drying for the winters ahead. It’s always cool to see the ingenuity and...
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    ZC fireplace for new build

    Welcome Nate! The QF7100 has many positive reviews on this site. It looks great, has a large firebox for longer burns, and produces a ton of heat. I own the Northstar which is pretty much the same Model with a smaller firebox and we like it a lot. The extra zones sounds good in theory, but...
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    Super Cedars

    Nice work Tree Farmer - you won't be disappointed. It money well spent!
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    Super Cedars

    Super Cedars over newspaper 100% of the time - it is so worth the price. For people who work and commute a ton of hours per day - those few extra minutes of time savings and convenience is definitely worth the cost. I can't recommend Super Cedars enough! I'm never going back to newspaper! I...
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    Zero clearance wood burning fireplace help needed

    We installed the Heat and Glo Northstar with our 1st floor gut job. We like the classic arched look of the unit and it heats well. Many members have this model and enjoy it. The Quadrafire 7100 is the exact same model only larger. Matt
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    Experience with Quadrafire Fireplaces

    I have a Northstar ZC - the smaller version of the QF7100 - and love it. Great looks and lots of heat production. From reading a lot of posts - people seem to be very happy with their 7100's. I hope this helps. Matt
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    Starting from a clean slate ... ideas on a stove vs ZC

    I only see "inserts" listed on the Ironstrike website, but maybe I'm missing their listing for zero clearance fireplaces....
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    Fpx44 elite, QF 7100, or others

    Same question as yours on a recent post (link below). I would use the search function for additional posts on these two ZC fireplaces....
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    xtrordinair elite 36 - Bypass Moved?

    confirmed - that is a "Northstar" zero clearance fireplace - beautiful unit. Lots of members own them if you need any further help.
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    Cat WB insert owner, building new house - Looking at WB fireplaces Quad 7100 or FPX Elite 44

    Thanks for your explanation! That's interesting because the Northstar does not have the 'positive pressure' option. I'm guessing the option is only available with the 7100 due to its size and it being the top-of-the-line model? I really believe you're going to like your 7100. It's a beautiful...
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    Cat WB insert owner, building new house - Looking at WB fireplaces Quad 7100 or FPX Elite 44

    Hi dBrad - how do you like your QF7100 so far? I just had a Northstar (same unit as 7100, only smaller) installed in my house and like it so far. But Temps have only dipped to the 40's at night in my part of Long Island NY. Also, I don't understand your outside vents (three of them). I have...
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    Vacuumed 12 gallons of ash

    Hi Isaac. Do you recommend the Dust Deputy versus the shop vac? What's the difference using the two? Thanks, Matt
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    Replacing an Old Zero Clearance in a Chase - Freestanding or Zero Clearance?

    Hello. I just added a ZC fireplace to my 1955 house (there was no FP prior to the install) and can confirm what others have said - a ZC FP is more expensive than a freestanding stove - blah! One positive of a ZC FP which I don't see mentioned often is that it typically adds to the resale value...
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    New ZC fireplace

    The bigger the firebox - the better for longer burn times. There are only a handful of ZC fireplace options with a 'large' firebox. 1) Quadrafire 7100 2) Montecito Estate 3) Napoleon NZ6000 4) FPX 44 Elite (catalytic) These four have large fireboxes as far as ZC FP's go and have gotten...
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    New Kozy Heat Z42 Install (Thanks!)

    Congrats - your install looks great - you should be proud! I've read nothing but good things about the Z42 - I'm certain you're going to love it. Matt
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    Help me to choose a wood-burning ZC fireplace

    That is one gorgeous fireplace Bgunner! Congrats - nice work! Can I ask, for the 6-inch outside air kit (OAK) - did you insulate the 6-inch duct pipe? I'm having the Northstar delivered in the next few weeks... Thanks, Matt
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    Duravent vs Selkirk & Northline vs Ventingpipe

    I agree with others - Ventis is the best pipe you can buy. You can buy Ventis for very good prices online from Alan is the owner and is super nice and helpful. He has helped me many times over the phone. I hope this helps. Matt
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    New Pacific Energy FP30 Installation Progress Thread

    Is it sandstone you used for the sitting hearth?
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    New Pacific Energy FP30 Installation Progress Thread

    It looks amazing - great work! Congrats!
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    Olympia Ventis stove pipe?

    Most members agree that Ventis is the best pipe you can buy. Certainly not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. I did a ton of research looking for the best pipe you could buy and Ventis was consistently at the top of the list. I called Olympia many times and they were always super...
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    New Pacific Energy FP30 Installation Progress Thread

    It looks great already - thanks for all the updates and pictures. Your stonework looks awesome! Please post more pics as the stones progress. Thanks, Matt
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    Heat n glo NorthStar

    Hello and welcome. Many members own and enjoy the Northstar zero clearance fireplace. There are many favorable reviews and helpful advice if you search "Northstar" in the subject field. One member named Iron posted a great thread about his (link attached below). I hope this helps. Matt...
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    Upgrading 1988 Heatilator to 2016 Pacific Energy FP30

    Yeah - I'm with you - the black and white options in the Haiku L series are not their best. Unfortunately the Lutron Maestro wall switch will not work with the Haiku fans - blah! The Lutron will turn the fan on and off, but will not control the fan speeds. So you're forced to get the Haiku wall...
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    New ZC Fireplace

    Thanks. Did you use the SL-300 or Duravent insulated pipe?
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    New ZC Fireplace

    Wow - your Northstar looks fantastic!!! Great work! How are you liking it so far? How is the heat output? Matt