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  1. saydinli

    Need help with firebricks on ceiling of insert...

    Hey @bholler, I've been getting replacement bricks from my dealer and he's been giving me a heavier type brick and not the light pumice ones for my Pacific Energy. Are the pumice one better? They seem to crumble very easy though. Sorry don't mean to hijack the thread.
  2. saydinli

    Started new install for FP30 (Pacific Energy)

    Dont worry too much about the looks of casing for the remote fan, you don’t see any of it as it is in the wall. The louvred covers hide the metal case and the gaps. The screws are adequate for their purpose. Also you might want to lower the remote duct to as close to the floor for best...
  3. saydinli

    If the power goes out . . . .

    Directly from PE's website...... " Can I run my insert without the blower? Yes, all woodstoves must be safety tested without power."
  4. saydinli

    Which chimney brand for a FP30 (Pacific Energy)

    From ICC’s website.... “Technical Information CERTIFICATION EXCEL is tested and listed by Intertek Testing Services to two safety standards: UL 103HT - The standard for solid and liquid fuel chimneys installed in the USA. Along with many other tests the UL 103HT Standard requires the chimney...
  5. saydinli

    Which chimney brand for a FP30 (Pacific Energy)

    Dealer installed the ICC Excel with my FP30. It is more money, but I have piece of mind knowing it can handle 3 chimney fires over 2000::F without issue.
  6. saydinli

    FP30 pacific energy, brand new have a couple questions

    Did the dealer install the reducer? How much did they reduce it by? I have 30' of chimney in a high wind area and they (PE & dealer) reduced my chimney from 6" to 3.5" and installed a modified adjustable heat shield at the chimney flue that blocks part of the flue opening to slow down the...
  7. saydinli

    FP30 face temp vs STT

    Won't be long before you don't look at the thermometer anymore. You'll just know by how its burning ;)
  8. saydinli

    2nd year update with my Pacific Energy FP30

    I agree with everything you mentioned. I removed my fan temp switch this fall as i found that it would take way too long to come on from a cold start. I have a rheostat to control the fan speed. Works great. I too hate that you have to go through the bottom of the firebox to get to the fans...
  9. saydinli

    Pacific Energy Summit owners?

    This was in their FAQ section, so i would expect that it was a PE representative answering it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. saydinli

    Pacific Energy Summit owners?

    From PE's website, I have this angled piece with holes in it, what is it. Likely it is the manifold from the bottom of the stove - it fits in just behind the bottom of the door frame with holes facing the back of the stove.
  11. saydinli

    Minimizing Ash Coal build up in Catalytic ZC

    How much ash has alot to do with the type of wood and the temperature of combustion of the wood. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. saydinli

    What a nice long run

    Well thats an interesting way to get more heat out of your stove. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. saydinli

    Pacific Energy Super Insert - new install

    Try some bio bricks (or the like) . That’ll tell you for sure if its your wood. Should be able to get some at Lowes or Home Depot. While your at it grab a moisture meter too and test your wood. Want it 15-20%. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. saydinli

    First cleaning FP30

    I think its only with Pacific Energy and their removable baffle leaves the secondary air tube fully exposed to receive some the crap that comes down the flue when cleaning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. saydinli

    Pacific Energy Super Insert - new install

    Sounds like wet wood. Do you have a moisture meter? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. saydinli

    Pacific Energy Spectrum draft issue --- NOT!!!

    Nice job finding the issue. I wish my high draft issue was as easy.
  17. saydinli

    Combustion Analyzer

    I am burning a variety really. A Lot of it is ash, some maple, a bit of oak. Not sure ehat some of it is. If I fill it loaded E/W I can get 8 hours. Loaded N/S might only be about 6. Im hoping once my draft control is better I can get 8-10 on a N/S load. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. saydinli

    Wood Stove in Second (Main) Floor Living Room?

    We have a Zero clearance fireplace with a remote duct to the basement. I would not recommend a remote duct system “IF” you have bedrooms in the basement for 2 reasons, 1 is noise. The fan is a bit loud for bedroom locations and tends to resonate a bit through the studs and joists if touching. 2...
  19. saydinli

    Reducing draft for a Woodstock progress hybrid

    Not sure why this is a big surprise to you all of a sudden. :confused: I already explained in another thread last week that you were part of, that the only measurement Pacific Energy was interested in with my excessive draft issue was the reading from the Manometer.
  20. saydinli

    Combustion Analyzer

    Like the Xperts have said, anyone with enough experience installing/servicing/designing these units will know exactly how the unit is burning just by looking at the fire as it burns. Heck, after 3 seasons of 24/7 burning, I can recognize how the unit is burning and make the necessary...
  21. saydinli

    Combustion Analyzer

    You got that right..LOL. They are having problems dialling in my unit without restricting the flue too much (causing smoke spillage) , and controlling input air (EPA regulation)
  22. saydinli

    Combustion Analyzer

    I've been in discussions with Pacific Energy R&D recently about the excessive draft on my FP30 and never once has the discussion turned to temperatures anywhere on the unit. In fact when I told them about the temps I'm seeing and asked them what temps I should be looking for, he basically said...
  23. saydinli

    Secondary Combustion

    Ya 12 hours burn times are very subjective. 8 hours is more realistic and 10 hours is achievable once you perfect burning with your stove. If you are seeing more flames above when turned down , thats a good thing you're burning clean.
  24. saydinli

    Combustion Analyzer

    I know what you are referring to but why would "I"do that? They (Pacific Energy) designed the fireplace, they (dealer) installed it to PE's specs. They have installed the restricter plate and blocked off the OAK. As long as its is warranty, I'm going to let the experts solve the issue. Maybe...
  25. saydinli

    Secondary Combustion

    Looks pretty good to me. What happens when you shut it down all the way? Does it snuff out or continue burning up top? A good indicator of secondary burn is that there is slow dancing flames at the bottom and more lively flames up near the air tubes/baffle.
  26. saydinli

    Combustion Analyzer

    I was talking to Pacific Energy yesterday about controlling draft and he said that the EPA regulations has hand cuffed the manufacturers with the ability to control draft by reducing air intake. They now have to resort to other methods to control draft which restrict chimney flow like a flue...
  27. saydinli

    FP30 burn cycle and air question

    Damn I should have taken a picture, but essentially , my door was replaced by a door from PE's R&D department that had a little round hole in the middle and about 2" from the top of the glass. A stainless tube was placed through the hole about 3"-5" or so and a rubber hose connected to the tube...
  28. saydinli

    FP30 burn cycle and air question

    My dealer and the sales rep from PE’s distributor came today with the Magnehelic gauge and a special door with a hole in it to insert the tube. The tape over the OAK was removed and they installed a 4” restricter plate 1st at the chimney cap and lit a fire. Once it got to temp and the...