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    Blaze King Key Damper for High Temp Smoke Smell

    Just an outsider question(s) as I dont own a Blaze king let alone a cat stove. Is not 2 dampers 1' apart partially closed asking for a cold chimney and major buildup? How long have you ran this? And are you guys running solely off of draft numbers, or chimney °F combined?

    a little more heat from the insert

    Cut the fireplace door lip (metal) and pull the insert out of the hole some. Use some 45s or similar if the liner wont match up.

    The cozy Hearth!

    Yea in shoulder season I've been adding 8 "hard" bricks each 4x2.5x9 thus reducing my NC-30 to about 66% normal volume.

    Importance and Method of Painting Englander NC-30?

    It matters what your level of "acceptable" is. It was a pain to do it 1 time let alone a couple of times trying out how to cut a few bucks. My local stove store had it for $14.

    Importance and Method of Painting Englander NC-30?

    When I repainted my NC-30 last year it took 3 cans to get even coverage. I used a wire wheel on a grinder to get most of the surface rust off. Right before painting I used MAPP Gas torch to get rid of surface moisture, like I do on most metal objects I spray paint.

    Is Auber still the best for remote monitoring? Before I buy Thinking of going this route to monitor the wood stove in the garage. Without going down 2 flights of stairs and out to the garage Ill be able to watch this from my bedside. Is this still the best option out there?

    Help Identifying logs

    You can tell it's an Aspen by the way it is.

    Using wood stove as a smoker/BBQ during the summer?

    Ive thought it through and cant seem to think why this wouldnt work. I cooked pizza, and steak and chicken with a wood fire going. Clean the stove out. Put in BBQ briquettes. Light, let burn some, insert meat on metal rack above the briquettes and smoke it. I know the draft might be weak...

    Englander sale??

    At least I wont be alone then...
  10. MAD MARK

    Old fireplace with 4 vents at corners. Can I mount a TV above it?

    He has a 50, but thanks for trying. I'm not debating either. I was hoping some other people would post pictures of theirs above the mantel to help the guy out. Just sounds like he wants best of both worlds, and for the sake of the TV shouldn't hang it there.
  11. MAD MARK

    Old fireplace with 4 vents at corners. Can I mount a TV above it?

    My 8 year old Panasonic Plasma 50" weighs 86#. You should try dusting yours sometime. ;)
  12. MAD MARK

    Felled my first tree

    He is right. Need more hinge. Looks like both cuts were made at the same level, not sure if tree had major lean in your favor or not.Looks like a conventional cut too. I prefer Humboldt cuts 98% of the time. Good job though, got it done without incident.
  13. MAD MARK

    Old fireplace with 4 vents at corners. Can I mount a TV above it?

    Mine has fans on the bottom sucking in and out the top. True it works without fans but does work better with forced air.
  14. MAD MARK

    What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

    How do you light this? Or was this on hot bed of coals?
  15. MAD MARK

    Stove identification

    Saw a YouTube video one time that featured this stove in a newer cabin build. But seeing how I watch then every day I cant remember much more.
  16. MAD MARK

    Utility ROW score

    Guessing your day job isn't a Detective huh? Just playing.
  17. MAD MARK

    How to insulate my liner

    Pull insert. Pull the liner. Insulate on the ground the proper way. Reinstall liner. Reinstall insert. You can get thinner insulation that wont add 1.5" total. Will be tight fit regardless.
  18. MAD MARK

    Heaviest built present day wood stove?

    So... are you Looking for heaviest by weight overall? Looking for heaviest gauge steel?
  19. MAD MARK

    What's More Important, Sun and Wind or Coverage?

    This gets my vote.
  20. MAD MARK

    Help with stove surround & hearth / Summer's Heat/Madison

    For sure going to want an offset in that chimney. Be it 2 45s.
  21. MAD MARK

    Help with stove surround & hearth / Summer's Heat/Madison

    We have to have more info to give advice. What stove, what dimensions, where at? Pics help. Need to see clearances. Dyed concrete for a hearth is a great idea. Easy to no maintenance and definitely fireproof. I've seen some that look very nice.
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    Yea mine has never looked nothing like that while the flue was over 350 before. First thing I did was yell at wife. Priorities, ya know haha. I shut the air all the way. Gave the door an extra pressure close action. Threw a magnet halfway on the 2ndery inlet. Cooled the pipe right off. Took...
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    Haven't really looked that closely. Nothing was glowing orange so should be alright. I think my airwash was already starting to warp. I was more concerned about my single wall pipe.
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    It was a very dry load. Only 12' chimney. But it was windy and 7°F. I'm still not sure if she understands how bad it was. But, none the less we move on and try to use it as a learning tool.
  25. MAD MARK


    She thought the wood was wet. I told her we were running low on dry stuff.Also misheard me as saying "Leave door cracked" when I said "Leave cracked for 5 minutes." It was smokey from the paint burning off/in. I told her I've been wanting to run it hot like that once but didnt have the balls. Lol
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    Had this load ready for me tonight to light when I got home. The wife decided to light it off for me 25 minutes early. Left the door cracked with air full open. Came into smokey smoke with Pipe temp at 780 and STT at 885. Be careful with instructions for your significant other.