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The Ultimate Woodstove Tool Set

Sweepy Most fire tool sets we've seen are designed for use in fireplaces, not wood stoves. As wood stove users, we have several problems with fireplace tool sets:

  Bent-up Poker

* The tools are too flimsy. Fireplaces typically don't see much use, so fireplace tool sets are designed more for looks than function. Our woodstove fire needs tending every day: we want stout tools that won't bend, break or come apart, with handles that don't come unscrewed when we're trying to get some sideways torque with the shovel or poker.

Fireplace Poker Tip

* The pokers are dumb. Whoever came up with the traditional "Medieval Weapon" fireplace poker design wasn't working inside a small firebox. The pike thingy sticking out the end is useless, and gets in the way.

Wood Stove with Fireplace Tools

* The shafts are too long. Wood stove fireboxes are much smaller than fireplaces, and with a fireplace-length tool set, it can feel like you're trying to tend your fire from the front yard.  And let's face it: fireplace-length tool sets look goofy towering above the average wood stove.

  Ash Rake

* There's no ash rake. At the end of the burn in a wood stove, the ashes and embers all wind up stacked up against the back plate, or whichever plate is on the opposite side from the air intake. The pile needs to be raked flat before the next load of fuelwood is added, and there is no tool for this in the typical fireplace set.

 Stove Size Tools beside Stove

For years, we searched in vain for heavy duty fire tool sets with shorter shafts, handles that stay on, a functional poker, a tip-proof stand, and an ash rake.

And we finally found them.

18000 Tools
18000 Tools

Standard Features: Pilgrim Wood Stove Tool Sets

  • Sturdy non-tip stand with cast iron base
  • Solid steel rod construction
  • Four tools: Poker, Shovel, Broom, Rake
  • Shorter shafts: easier to use with woodstoves
  • Integrated Handles: easy to grip, can't come loose
  • Beautiful satin black finish
  • Decorative "Shepherd's Crook" design

18019 Tools
18019 Tools

Specifications: Pilgrim Wood Stove Tool Sets

Overall Height:
Base Diameter:
Tool Length:
Shipping Weight:
Broom Bristles:
17 lbs.
13 lbs.


Big 18000 Tools   Big 18019 Tools

Pilgrim 18000 Wood Stove Tool Set...
Shipping & Handling, Continental US.... $30

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Pilgrim 18019 Wood Stove Tool Set...
Shipping & Handling, Continental US.... $30

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