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Sweepy You may ask yourself, "Who would want to save electrons?" Well, we'll tell you: we would. We're carrying on a campaign started back in 1995 by Jamie Sullivan, a student at Carnegie Mellon University, to save the uncountable numbers of electrons that are wasted every day. Jamie must have long since graduated and moved along, because his original Save The Electrons page no longer exists on Carnegie Mellon's servers. We've resurrected it here because we feel that somebody has to carry Jamie's torch, lest his message be lost forever.

Most people seem to think that electrons don't have feelings, and exist solely as a tool to be used in electronic gadgets. These are two common misconceptions. Of course electrons have feelings. Don't you think that it would hurt to be hurled through space at near lightspeed and smash into a monitor screen? And electrons are far more than just a tool: the fact is, every atom in your body needs at least one electron. Destroying all the electrons in the world would cause the death of all living creatures.

Some might argue that we will never be able to destroy all of the electrons, because there are just too many to destroy and they will simply regenerate. Well, we're of the opinion that there are not too many to destroy, and with all the tablets, smart phones and computers in use today, numbers are likely decreasing rapidly!


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Each white pixel on your TV or monitor uses 34,475,867,928 electrons per second.  These electrons are destroyed, and cannot be used again.

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The Solution

We feel that there is only one way to solve this problem, and that is to end unnecessary electron deaths at the source. The method is actually quite simple: we're asking everyone who has a website to set their page background color to black. This will ensure that visitors to these pages do not waste electrons. To show solidarity, place this emblem at the bottom of each page you turn black: 

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 You can make the emblem a link to this page with a tag like this: a href=

Sweepy Thank you for your support!!

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This morning, my wife "googled' me and your "Save the Electrons" page came up.  That brought back memories.  My name is Jamie Sullivan, and I created that page as a joke 20 years ago.  It was great to see that it is still living on!  I especially like your guesses that I have graduated from CMU and moved on (both true).  I still have the original website stored on an old computer from the 90s, but I don't have it publicly on the internet.  Maybe I will put it back up somewhere!

Great page and thanks for the flash-back!


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