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Sweepy One of the advantages to having been in business for over 35 years is the opportunity to "weed out" from our product line any appliances that have even the least tendency to break down. As a result, we seldom have to deal with warranty claims. When a warranty claim does arise, however, we do everything in our power to process the claim and get the affected appliance up and running just as soon as is humanly possible.

Gas appliance customers please note: although it is relatively easy to install a gas stove or fireplace yourself, there are several final adjustments which require specialized training, instruments and tools. To validate your warranty, our gas appliance manufacturers all require that final gas hookup and adjustments be done by a licensed gas technician.

We're able to provide warranty parts for any product we sell, but must limit any labor needed to accomplish warranty repairs to in-shop if the appliance lives outside our service area. Warranty claims on the appliances we sell are rare, but if you're outside our service area and have a claim on any appliance purchased from us, we'll be happy to supply the covered parts and any technical advice you or your local service person may need to install them. If you're outside our service area and need warranty labor performed, go to Find-A-Sweep, and follow the on-screen directions: the locator will give you a list of qualified Sweeps in your area.

If you have a warranty claim for any product purchased at The Chimney Sweep, click on the Contact the Sweep button below to E-mail us your name, address, phone number, and the appliance make, model, and serial number. Include the number or description of any parts needed. We'll call if we need further information to process your claim.

If you need warranty assistance for a product not purchased at The Chimney Sweep, you'll need to call the manufacturer for the telephone number of the dealer nearest you. Here's contact info for our product manufacturers:


Duravent Venting

Eco Fan - Caframo

Forever Flex Liner - Olympia

Hearthstone Products

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IPC - Vacu Stack

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