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Gas Fireplace Inserts and Hearth Stoves

Sweepy What do you do about that fireplace that draws heated air out of your house when you don't use it, and doesn't provide any heat when you do? Fireplace inserts and hearth stoves are the answer!


gas fireplace insert installation diagram

Fireplace Inserts sit inside the firebox, and are equipped with an outer shell to deliver heated air into the room and minimize heat loss to the masonry. Panels to cover the fireplace opening are included. Co-linear aluminum intake/exhaust liners extend to the chimney top, where a converter box enables attachment of a co-axial cap.

gas hearth stove installation diagram

Hearth stoves have exhaust openings in the rear, to enable them to stand on the hearth and vent backward through the fireplace opening. A converter box attached to the stove changes the co-axial venting to co-linear, and two flexible liners (one intake, one exhaust) extend to a co-axial converter and cap at the top.


Like all our gas products, these gas fireplace inserts and hearth stoves are designed to vent their exhaust outside the home. To read about why, click here.


Small to Medium Area Heaters (Up to 1,000 Square Feet)
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Solas TWENTY6 Gas Insert
Hearthstone Stowe Hearth Stove
Stowe 8323
Hearth Stove
Pacific Energy Tofino i20 Gas Insert
Pacific Energy
Tofino i20

Medium to Large Area Heaters (Up to 1,500 Square Feet)
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Pacific Energy Tofino i30 Gas Insert
Pacific Energy
Tofino i30

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