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Adding a Woodstove Chimney to a Yurt

Yurt Chimney Diagram       

1) Obtain a sheet metal wall panel from the yurt manufacturer, or fabricate one to fit. Cut a hole in the center, the same size as the OD of the chimney pipe you will use.

2) Construct a base out of brick or cement-filled cinderblocks and attach a stainless chimney mounting plate with masonry anchors. Height of the base should center the snout of the tee in the hole cut in the wall plate. Maintain 2" clearance from the yurt.

3) Construct 2 x 4 wood support framing and attach to the base corners with masonry anchors. Framing should extend to yurt height.

4. Attach a sheet metal top plate with a hole to fit the chimney OD to the top of the framing.

5. Install tee, pass-through length and enough vertical chimney lengths to extend 2' above the framing top plate. Finish with a rain cap.

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