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Are Vent-Free Heaters Finally Going To be Outlawed?

Sweepy  July, 2016

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has published a standard (ASHRAE 62.2) that may eliminate the entire vent-free category.

Under the ASHRAE 6.2 standard, an 1875 sq.ft. house with 8' ceilings would be limited to just one 6,000 Btu/hr vent-free heater.  This is roughly 50 times smaller than is currently being recommended by vent-free manufacturers' installation guidelines.

A 6,000 Btu/hr gas flame is about the size produced by the smallest burner on a typical gas range.  It is questionable whether or not the US buying public will be attracted to gas fireplaces that small in numbers sufficient to support the product category.

The 62.2 standard has already been adopted by many jurisdictions throughout the US and has been referenced in the Department of Energy's Home Weatherization Program, which is used to upgrade homes nationwide.  If adopted at the Federal level, this standard would eliminate over 90% of the vent-free products currently being offered in the US marketplace. 


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