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How to Get Your Solas Remote To Work

Sweepy  In order for your sender and receiver to work together, they must be electronically "paired." Whenever the batteries go dead or you remove them, the sender and receiver become disconnected, and must be paired anew before they can work together. Here's how to rejoin them:

1) First, remove the face panel on the fireplace. Notice the ribbon-wire connection on the lower right side of the firebox.  If you look closely just behind and below the ribbon-wire plug, you'll see a tiny yellow button.  This is the reset button mentioned below, in step 4.

2) Remove the old batteries from the remote (and the receiver, if using the battery-powered receiver).  Leave them out for one minute.

3) Replace the old batteries with new, fully charged batteries.

4) Now, return to the firebox and press the yellow reset button.  A bent paper clip works great for this.

5) Press and hold the power button on the remote for approximately 30 seconds until you see the configuration menu.

6) Highlight "pairing" in the configuration menu on the remote and press the middle button to select it.

7) Press the left button on the remote to change the pairing from "off" to "on."

The sender will instantly propose to the receiver.

The receiver will indicate acceptance with a beep, displaying an icon in the upper right corner of the remote's screen denoting the connection.

If you don't hear a beep or see the connection icon, check the batteries and repeat the above process.


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