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How Do I Get My Remote To Work?

Q:  Our hand-held remote is not working this year. We have changed the batteries, but still nothing. We cannot find the manual. Can we get some help in diagnosing our problem?
Thank you,

John Carberry
Towson, MD

Sweepy A: In order for your sender and receiver to work together, they must be electronically "married." Whenever the batteries go dead or you remove them, the couple goes through a divorce, and must remarry before they can work together as a family again. Here's how to perform your duties as Justice of the Peace:

Before you begin: if Junior has been playing with the remote, locate the "dip" switches on both the sender and receiver and make sure they're both set to the same number. Note: not all remotes have dip switches.

dip switches 1 Dip Switches 1

First, make sure the pilot on your log set is lit and that the On/Off/Pilot knob is turned to the On position.

Next, make sure the two wires from the receiver box are clean and firmly connected to the gas valve on the screws labeled TH and THTP.

Bring the sender to within a couple feet of the receiver.

Slide the indicator on the receiver to the Off position.

Remove the batteries from both the sender and receiver.

Important: leave the batteries out for two full minutes.

Determine that all replacement batteries are fresh and charged. Never mix new batteries with old batteries.

Replace the batteries in the receiver first.

Replace the batteries in the sender.

The sender will instantly propose to the receiver.

The receiver will indicate acceptance with a demure flash of the indicator light and/or an audible beep.

In some sets, the sender is a little shy. If you don't see the flash or hear the beep, give it a nudge by pressing and holding the sender's ON button.

Slide the indicator on the receiver box to the Remote position.

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