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How to Activate / Reset Your Hearthstone ProFlame 2 Remote

Models: Bristol DX, Tucson DX, Stowe DX, Waitsfield DX

Sweepy In order for your sender and receiver to work together, they must be electronically "paired" during the set-up process. Whenever the batteries go dead or are removed, the couple separates, and must be paired anew before they can work together as a couple again. Here's how to rejoin them:

Take the remote to the stove.

Locate the On/Off/Remote slide switch behind/under the ash tray on the stove: this is the receiver.  Slide the switch to the Off position.

Remove the two screws attaching the cover plate to the receiver, and pull it straight off. It might be a tight fit; if so, use a sharp knife to pry gently at the edges.  The On/Off/Remote slider will come off with the cover plate.

Pop the battery covers off the remote and receiver, and remove the batteries.

Important: leave the batteries out for one full minute.

Determine that all replacement batteries are fresh and fully charged. Never mix new batteries with old batteries.

Replace the batteries in the receiver first. Then re-install the cover plate and slide the switch to the Remote (middle) position.

Replace the batteries in the remote: if the screen lights up, press the top button to turn it off. The screen should be dark, with only the temperature showing in the upper right-hand corner.

Insert a toothpick or straightened paper clip into the PRG hole on the receiver cover plate and press lightly to depress the button inside. The receiver will "beep" three times. Note: the beeps are in a sonic range many of us aging rock fans can no longer hear.  Enlist the aid of a grandchild, or just enjoy the memory of how great the sound was right in front of the speaker stacks at Woodstock, and proceed with the next step.

Within ten seconds, press the top button on the remote to turn it on.  The remote will instantly light up, and propose to the receiver.

The receiver will indicate acceptance with four demure beeps.

To operate the stove with the remote, ensure that the slide switch on the receiver remains in the Remote position.


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