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Motor Freight Options

Sweepy Many of the products we sell are big and heavy, and must travel via motor freight. Motor freight is different than many other delivery systems, in that there's not much chance a freight company will have a truckload heading from our location all the way to your location. The way it works is, the originating carrier takes your shipment in your direction as far as that truck is going, then offloads at a depot. Another truck will then load it up and take it as far as they're going, and so on. It's not uncommon for a single shipment traveling clear across the country to have been carried by three or four different trucks, and even different trucking companies, along the way. Sometimes a day or two can go by while a shipment sits at each depot waiting for a furthering carrier. This is why we can't guarantee a specific delivery date. In our experience, cross-country motor freight can take anywhere from four days to two weeks, the average being ten days. We supply you with a tracking number when we ship, so you can follow your shipment online or via toll-free telephone, and we instruct the delivering carrier to contact you in advance to arrange delivery when someone can sign for the order.

We offer three delivery options for motor freight orders:

1: Freight Depot Delivery: Delivered to a partner freight company in your area, usually within 90 miles of your location. You pick up your shipment at the depot and transport it to your house.

2: Business Address With Loading Dock: A location where an 18-wheel tractor trailer rig can back up to a loading dock and offload. You pick up your shipment at the loading dock location and transport it to your house.

3: Residential Liftgate Delivery: As close to your door as an 18-wheel tractor trailer rig can be maneuvered, and down on the ground. This option doesn't include moving the product into the house, uncrating, or installing.

Note: Motor Freight travels on 18 wheelers, 28 feet long and 13-1/2 feet tall.
There are some instances where residential liftgate delivery simply isn't on the menu:

1) The house is on a gravel road.

2) The house is on a one-lane road.

3) There is a bridge in the way that is less than 14' tall.

4) There is no place to turn the semi truck around at the house.

5) The driveway is exceptionally narrow, curvy or steep.

In these cases, you have the option of choosing depot or loading dock delivery, and transporting the order the rest of the way yourself. We have also had customers pay for liftgate delivery, then meet the truck at a navigable location nearby, and use the semi's liftgate to lower the shipment into a pickup or onto a trailer.



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