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Why not an all-ceramic glass woodstove?

Q: Was reading your website and came across the comment that ceramic glass viewing windows radiate heat more efficiently than the steel or cast iron used in making the stove...which made me think, well, why not make the whole blessed stove out of the stuff? That'd be really neato looking now wouldn't it?

Might be lighter weight too.

Mark Lichtenstein

Sweepy Hi Mark,

There are a couple reasons why you'll never see an all-viewing window stove:

1) Even plate steel and cast iron are a bit too heat-transfer efficient to maintain adequate internal combustion temperatures for optimum performance. The fireboxes of today's high-efficiency woodburners must be lined on at least three sides with high-refractory firebrick, to bake heat back at the fire and ensure complete combustion. In an all-window stove, you'd be looking through the side and rear windows at the backside of those bricks.

2) The airwash design that funnels incoming combustion air across the inside of the viewing window to keep it from sooting up can only work on a limited window area on one plane. The parts of your all-window stove not blocked by firebricks would turn black almost immediately.

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