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Forever Flex Insert Liner:
Connecting The Liner in Tight-fitting Insert Installations

Sweepy The Problem: sometimes, a fireplace insert is such a tight fit in the fireplace that there isn't room above the insert to get your hands in and attach the insert connector to the flue collar.

Solution 1: if you have extra width in the fireplace opening, the first thing to try is sliding the insert all the way to one side, and making the connection by reaching through the other side. You can center the insert in the fireplace opening after you've made the connection.

If there isn't room for that technique, try this trick.

You'll need: A short length of 1" dowel or 1x1: A length of stout rope: A long standard screwdriver

Installing Liner to tight-fitting insert diagram Attach insert connector to bottom of liner

Lower down chimney to insert height

Cut a 1" dowel or scrap wood to 6" length

Tie a stout rope around the dowel

Insert the dowel into the insert connector

Turn the dowel horizontal, wedge into place

Remove the baffle from the insert

Slide the insert into the fireplace

Thread rope through the insert's flue collar

Pull insert connector down into exhaust collar

Use a long screwdriver to dislodge the dowel

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