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I love your site and the silly and damn stupid people who have commented! Keep up the good work!

Bob from PA


Hi Tom,
I'm writing to let you know how much I love love love the Pacific Energy Super 27 woodstove we purchased from you. It does everything you promised and then some. It kept the whole downstairs (1400 square feet) toasty warm during the recent cold snap we had. The most amazing thing is that it even kept us warm all night. The overnight burn was fantastic, requiring only a little raking and a new log, and wow... flames and warmth. It also uses about two thirds LESS wood than our old stove, and it keeps the warmer than the old stove could ever dream of doing.

One last word on the installers...Howard and Travis...they were entertaining and fun as well as being very professional, fast and efficient.

I have been telling everyone about my Chimney Sweep experience...whether they want to hear about it or not.

Thank you so very much,
Lani Momeyer and David Weed


Thank you for the excellent information and the prompt service for the new baffle for our woodstove. We installed it Friday, and were able to enjoy our stove that evening. No more smoke coming back into the house.

Thanks again,
Jeff & Kathy Rodger, Ketchikan, AK


Subject: Wow!

Man, what a web site!
I'm a contractor in Maryland and I was compelled to say wow what a website! The folksy way you come across to the reader is the ultimate!

Warmest regards,
Don Risher


Hi Tom,
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. I recently purchased a fireplace from you. I thought that you might like to know that I had the opportunity to buy the same fireplace locally. I decided to buy from you, and I am glad that I did for the following reasons.

1. You were more helpful, and available. I visited the local dealer several times, and usually had to wait for over 20 minutes just to talk to someone. I frequently found their sales people lacking the answers to many of my questions. You were patient, and took time to answer all of my questions clearly. Your web site was also very helpful.

2. You were more courteous, and returned my phone calls. I waited for several days for a local dealer to return my calls.

3. You shipped the fireplace to my house. The local dealer would not consider delivery. They suggested that I should rent a pick up truck and carry a 200 pound fireplace home myself.

4. You were less expensive, even with the shipping charges. I considered the fact that your prices were lower to be a bonus. I would have paid more for the quality service that you provided.

My new fireplace looks wonderful, and works great.

Again, thank you for your excellent service.

Greg Cope


I just want to say that I do a lot of business over the internet and you are the nicest people that I have dealt with.



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Man, you guys know your stuff. I bought my gas insert from you because I was impressed with all the info on your site, but must confess that I didn't really 100% buy the article about comparing a gas fireplace to a gas furnace (that the fireplace would be cheaper to run). As it turns out, we finished the install the evening of November 30, so I figured what the heck, let's give it a try. The next morning, Dec. 1, I turned off the gas furnace and fired up the insert, and we used it for the entire month (didn't turn the furnace on at all). So we get our bill, and guess what? Even though December was actually a little colder than November, WE BURNED 35% LESS GAS! And we were warm as toast the whole time. Great product, and great website. Keep up the good work.

Roger Wilhelm


You have one of best web sites I have found -- ever -- and I do a lot of "surfing"

Gary Krach


I wanted to let you know I have installed the firescreen and it's beautiful. Thanks for all your help.

Mona Loftus


I know you guys are selling products and services, but I just wanted to compliment you - it is an incredibly informative site, the best ever on fireplaces and stoves! I live in Canada so I bought (2 gas and one wood) fireplaces locally, but I learned so much from you. Geniuses!!!



We have finally rounded up enough money to buy the Hearthstone Heritage wood stove, and would like current freight pricing to Laramie Wyoming, as your previous quote is somewhat dated. I would also like to add that we can get this same stove in Denver Colorado, for thirty dollars less total price than from you, but the friendliness that you guys exude and your all-around fun web site has us buying from you 1200 miles away instead of 120 in Denver. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Torry Weibel
Laramie, WY


Thank you very much for the great service. We received the Firefront safely over a week ago and have now fitted the unit with no problems at all. All we wait for now is the winter nights to sit round the safe and secure fire. Once again thank you very much indeed. P.S. This proves buying on the internet internationally really does work!

Best regards
Ray & Elizabeth Verth
Dorset, England


Just a line to say how excellent your site is, full of great links and first class info. Keep up the good work

J Hope
Vancouver Island


To whom it may concern, Of the 30 or so (and probably many more) websites regarding wood stove inserts I've visited, this is BY FAR the very best, the most comprehensive and the most user-friendly. No other sites, including the manufacturers sites, contained as much relevant information pertaining to wood stove inserts as your site. In fact I believe your website has more useful information than all of the other websites combined!

Matthew Olander


I would like to give lavish praise to the authors of this website. It is really funny.

Phil Gallagher


"I highly recommend The Chimney Sweep to any consumer interested in the purchase of a wood burning stove.

These people have their stuff together, and my purchase and delivery (to a remote location) went so smoothly, it is almost unbelievable.

In addition, the stove I purchased (a Pacific Energy Model) is, in my opinion, better looking, and more technically functional, than anything else out there."

Pete Naumnik


I live in Oregon and was doing some research on switching from wood to an LP stove. I wanted to thank you for all the information your website has. I am a scientist and I like to see all the data. Many stove sellers and/or sales literature don't have it. I was very impressed with the ease of roaming your site and all the info I gained. Thank you very much for providing such a great service.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Jason Buchanan


I just want to tell you that your website is as near-perfect as any I've found (except for the yellow-on-black; I've just about run my printer out of toner, printing for posterity!). It seemed as though you knew exactly what information was necessary in order to make an educated purchase. I especially made good use of the EPA emissions section, the non-cat -vs- catalytic section, the flue sizing section, and the viewing area comparisons.

I'm planning to buy a Morgan, after seeing it on your site. I'd actually thought I'd be ordering it from you, until I stopped by my local fireplace dealer, and found out he has them, and can take care of all the installation, permit, etc. Don't know if you can get a cut!

P.S. - Feel free to post to your website as you see fit.

Thanks very much,
Joni Valerio


This is possibly one of the best web-sites I've ever run across...nice work.

Patrick Grabowski


Very informative-nicely done. Saved to my Favorites.



Tom and staff,
Thank you for the most informative stove site I've found.

After much research, much of it e-mail to you, we decided to install the Pacific Energy Super 27 on our new basement hearth in September. It not only looks great but is miserly with wood. Our purchase was for supplemental heat for out 1200 sq. ft ranch (another 1200 sq. ft in the basement)! We are very happy with the performance of the Super 27 and it looks great. The window does stay clean! All night burns with coals for a fresh fire in the morning is the norm. The furnace still runs but we have saved an estimated 150 gallons of heating oil so for this year with the stove.

Some things we would like to share.
Don't undersize your stove. BTU maximum is the most a stove can produce. Although this is a much colder winter than last in New Hampshire, a little larger stove may have been better considering we are heating a total of 2400 sq. ft. We will be insulating the basement during the coming summer and am sure that will help reduce heat loss so the Super 27 is probably the correct size.

Dry wood is a must. Purchased seasoned wood that has been log length is not dry, more like damp. We had some wood that was stored inside for a few years and the burn was phenomenal compared to damp. Damp wood requires more draft to keep the fire burning. The result is less heat output and shorter burn times. Get your wood early and let it dry completely. Damp wood is no bargain.

Thank you Tom and staff for you help in our decision to purchase the super 27. We are very pleased with the performance of the stove.

David and Pamela
Danville, NH

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Bravo! I have been surfing sites for woodstoves, and yours is the only one (of too damned many I have been forced to slog through) that answers my questions!

I am looking to install a woodstove in a remodel project, hopefully before the snow flies. Hopefully. With the character, and personality that I have seen in your site, as long as prices fall in line, I'll forgo all my local distributors (who are VERY reluctant to quote prices, times, etc) and purchase from you.

Again, great job on not only a professional site, but one with some humor. Scratch Angus for me, and give him a cookie.

Dennis Fitch


Dear Chimney Sweepers, Stove Salesmen and Installers,
My husband and I would like to thank you for your excellent service. From day one, we found you to be courteous, helpfull and reliable. We were completely ignorant of what we needed, all we knew was that we wanted "that pretty blue one over there!" We are particulary impressed with Ted and Howard, two very amiable and imformative workmen. We trusted them completely and their work was clean, precise and expedient. You are a great company and we truly appreciate your help and excellent service.

Best wishes,
John and Mike Phelan Wilde.


I've been very happy with the Hearthstone Mansfield stove. The outside air intake is a wonderful idea and it works like a charm. I've been using the stove round the clock now that we have some snow on the ground and (winter-like) conditions. The old Vermont Castings could never hold a candle to this one.

John Pivarnik


I like the information on your web site. It explained the problem that I am having. Keep it up.

Tony Pankratz
Golden, CO


I just wanted to let you know that we have our new stove "up and running." We had a good storm come in and we kept a fire going a little better than 24hrs before we had to let it die out and empty the ashes. We love it!

I do want to thank you for all your help, and I love your website.

Dana MacPherson


I just wanted you to know that your web site is one of the nicest, easiest to use and most informative that I've come across in my probably limited experience. I'll visit your store the next time I'm in Bellingham. Cheers.

Larry Bradshaw


Hello Tom:
Continued thanks for your absolutely great post-sale customer service. Indeed, the world would be better with more folks running business the way you do. Thanks, and continued wish for much success for your endeavors.

Ed Burchard.....8 yrs and counting with a very good heating unit!


I saw a link to your site on a Chimney Sweep discussion list and thought I would check it out. Very nice....As Education Coordinator for HearthStone I am keenly aware of how much information there is to know, and how little our customers often know. I am thrilled to see a dealer/sweep who is doing a great job trying to educate their customers. Your site is very well done and the information is not only correct, it is very practical. Thanks for being a bright spot in the hearth industry.

Rich Vlahos
Education Coordinator
HearthStone Stoves


I just wanted to let you know I truly enjoyed shopping on your website. Although I was just browsing (will someday buy an insert, and now definitely from you guys), I was so impressed with the blend of personal touch and professionalism contained on your site, I felt compelled to let you know. Is it possible to be browsing for wood fireplace inserts on a dark Saturday night, and come away feeling both more knowledgeable AND closer to humanity???

Your site poses that question. The writing was impressive, especially the salute to Joe and the things Angus has taught you...not to mention the thorough analysis of stoves & inserts.

Hats off & you've got a future sale in the bag...when I come up with the $.

Jenny Cravens
Seattle, WA


Hi Tom,
Our wonderful fireplace is finally finished, and it's spectacular. Besides looking good, the fireplace really heats up our downstairs, which always suffered from the forced air heater unit being located upstairs. Thanks so much for your help. Being on an island, we often have to puzzle projects out on our own.

Karen McKay


The Hearthstone Equinox is one BIG stove, but it fit right in where the old stove was with no problems. We had temperatures fall to -9 degrees and it Still kept my two story house 75 degrees. My old stove had a hard time at 10 degrees above zero. I have four other friends with stoves and they were impressed.

Thank You for all your help,
John Castillo


Thank you for the information here. It is so well done, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it.

Mary Saunders
Portland, OR


Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply! We have spent a lot of time on your website and have learned so much. We are very impressed that people like yourselves are willing to share your expertise. It must take a lot of time to manage your website, and we appreciate your efforts.

Thanks again!
David and Rhonda Huish


Tom - My Heartland wood cookstove arrived with perfect timing. We picked it up in our pick-up Wednesday and Thursday with the help of 4 strong men and one strong woman and some creative engineering, my husband and I watched it move from the truck into the kitchen of our remote cabin. I had to wait another week for the chimney lining and kitchen hook-up to be complete, but finally last weekend I was able to start cooking.

It is a jewel. As long as I remember to fully open the flue damper there is absolutely no smoke, even when refilling the fire box. And it retains heat forever. I love it.

Thanks for your help.
Hope Q


Thanks for everything, the Pacific Energy Vista insert looks great & works beautifully. I have already recommended you to three different friends who have expressed some interest.

Thanks again,
Chris Ortiz


I am just looking into putting a fireplace insert in our existing masonry fireplace and I found your site and want to tell you that I have visited 50 websites or so by now and yours is the most informative I have found yet. Your site was easy to navigate, quick to load and easy to print from. Congrats to your webmaster.

Mike Conroy


I was browsing for other things and came upon your site. Thank you for such an educational website! I've been using wood stoves for 15 years and thought I knew some things about how to use them, but your site taught me things I didn't know. I'm already planning to make some changes to help improve the efficiency and try to lower the emissions even more.

Thanks, again.
Richard L. Packard, PHD


Hello There,
Just want to thank you for publishing some really helpful information. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your generosity, and your help in educating us about chimneys. We've had problems for many years, and I think now I might be able to address them.

John Welch


Thanks again for your product support. The Pacific Vista works just great as you said it would. A good product, fair price, accurate info. You guys are alright......



We bought an Artisan Wood Cook Stove from you about two years ago. We love that stove.

We hauled it from Montana all the way up to a remote area in northern Saskatchewan ,Canada. Paired it up with about 16'of black double stove pipe and S.S. chimney and it works great. Can't believe how well it cooks food evenly , seals in the flavor and keeps the house warm with that wonderful wood heat.

Meg & Brad Olson
Point Roberts WA.


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