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Sweepy Awhile back, Tom decided to augment his outdoor cooking menu by adding a smoker. His research (and the urging of several friends) eventually led him to try a ceramic cooker. To Tom's surprise, he got more for his money than just a smoker: ceramic cookers are also excellent grills, roasters and outdoor ovens. Another bonus: ceramic cookers light easily without liquid starter, and create very little ash. Over a decade later, when he saw the improvements developed at Primo USA, he upgraded to an Oval XL.  This amazing cooking machine now stands beside the gas grill on Tom's deck, so his guests can enjoy a best-of-both-worlds dining experience.

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 Primo Oval Jr

How do you improve upon the marriage of traditional kamado cooking and space age ceramics? Well, if you're the good folks at Primo, first you upgrade to a higher density ceramic. Then you change the shape from round to oval, for easier cooking of ribs, whole fish, etc. Finally, you offer adjustable-height cooking grids and a firebox divider for true indirect cooking / smoking.

The Buzz: Everything you liked about the the old-style kamados, plus indirect cooking, better control of cooking temps, and an easier-to-work-with oval shape. Chef Bobby Flay's choice for outdoor cooking.  Made in USA.  Click for info

Made In USA 


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